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Welcome to FitKids' Champion Schools

A K-8th grade tuition free Charter School District, that implements a rigorous, content rich curriculum. Our Sport emphasis promotes fitness and healthy lifestyle. Here you can access all the latest updates and information regarding enrollment, academics and what’s happening at FitKids’ Champion Schools!


Kids who participate in sports and fitness programs are healthier and more academically successful. Participating in sports builds self-esteem and increases grade and test performance.

There is a growing body of research that proves that students need adequate amounts of physical activity throughout the school day. This daily activity not only prevents obesity but supports better academic performance. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) states that physical activity has a positive impact on cognitive skills and academic behavior.

Exercise directly impacts the behavior and development of the brain. “The effects of physical activity on cognition are particularly important in the highly plastic developing brains of youth,” according to Charles E. Basch, Teachers College at Columbia University. He states that, “exercise effects executive functioning by increasing oxygen flow to the brain and brain neurotransmitters including brain-derived neurotrophins. This family of proteins assures the survival, development and function of neurons in areas responsible for learning, memory, and higher thinking, important components of improved academic performance.”

Physical activity fosters an environment of social-connectedness. When students’ teammates are also their classmates, the opportunity to learn how to play as a team, transfers to learning collaboratively in the classroom. Students who play sport together share a common set of rules. Sports set children up for a healthy adulthood, perpetuating a cycle of well-being for generations to come.

The evidence is clear. Physical activity should have a place in the curriculum of every school that’s serious about teaching its kids.

Comprehensive Program of Instruction

FitKids’ Champion Schools is powerful learning community for ALL students, regardless of their educational backgrounds. Our learning environment includes many opportunities to work collaboratively. We use common core, project based learning and utilize the community as a laboratory for students to have hands-on experiences. These types of learning activities activate the imagination, stimulate critical thinking and develop problem-solving skills. We believe in every student’s natural desire to learn and want to bring ALL of our students into the educational mainstream by the end of elementary school.


We believe that the discipline gained in sports activities supports academic performance and is transformative in young people. It is the vision of FitKids’ Champion Schools to establish the premier learning environment that will develop students’ mental, bodily, and emotional intelligences. Our schools are designed to utilize the discipline gained in sports activities and the motivation gained through parental involvement and psychological support to augment the pursuit of academic excellence.


FitKids’ Champion Schools is dedicated to fostering academic excellence through the integration of accelerated content rich curriculum, using powerful and diverse instructional techniques encouraging critical thinking and the development of problem-solving skills. We will also use the community as a laboratory to construct knowledge though exploration and discovery.


Many of the qualities needed for success academically are supported by a set of skills and behaviors gained in sports training and competition. Fundamental physical skills development training at an early age is a huge benefit to future athletic performance.
FitKids’ Champion Schools uses specific methods designed by occupational therapists and professional athletic trainers to build the motor skills necessary to become an academic and athletic performer.
Commitment to practicing and competing go hand in hand, to guarantee results. FitKids’ Champion Schools make athletic training an integral part of a longer school day.
FitKids’ Champion Schools levels the playing field giving ALL students an academic and athletic advantage regardless of their background.
Winning Habits:
FitKids’ Champion Schools builds a strong culture that supports students in making significant academic gains and excelling in athletics: an unbeatable formula for success.

July 10, 2020 Letter from the Superintendent / 10 de Julio 2020 Carta de la Superintendente

Dear Champion Families,
I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy in this challenging time.
We have received word from Governor Ducey that reopening school for students to attend On-site will be
allowed on August 17th at the EARLIEST. We are planning for all students attending On-Site and
Virtually to begin school on August 17th all together at the same time.
What will the School Opening look like? Our goal is to give students the most normal school experience
possible. Classes are designed for both On-site and Virtual students to attend together at the same time.
Students attending Virtually will be able to view their Class with Live Streaming. Our Virtual
Classroom 2.0 allows Teachers to view the computer screen of students at home and in-person at the
same time. Students will be able to ask questions and be called upon in-person or at-home at any time.
CORE Academic Instruction (Reading, Math, Science & Social Studies) will be delivered to ALL
students from 8:00-11:30am Monday -Thursday with Virtual Instruction and Teacher Office Hours
on Friday. All CORE instruction will be recorded, allowing students the opportunity to view and review
the instruction at any time. Students attending school in-person will have Workout, Tutoring, STEM Lab,
Intervention, Enrichment, Special Education, and other elective classes in the afternoon until 3:30pm.
Students attending from home will have Tutoring, Intervention, Enrichment and Special Education
Services virtually. They may schedule an individual appointment with teachers during Office Hours for
assistance in any aspect of the virtual learning.
JUMP START Orientation for Students and Parents on how to access Virtual Learning. JUMP START
will be provided beginning the week of August 10th. All sessions will be recorded and made available
to ALL Students and Parents. Your child will never miss class again. They will always be able to view
and review their instruction at any time. JUMP START will cover all programs used in our Virtual
Classroom 2.0 including Clever, Go Guardian, Google Classroom, Adobe Spark, Book Creator and many
more! These programs will give your student creative new options for demonstrating their learning.
Families may also set an individual appointment with Teachers to get help setting up the Virtual
Classroom 2.0 during Teacher Office Hours. All of our Champion Teachers are completing Google
Educator Certification during the summer.



Estimadas Familias de Champion,
Espero que esta carta te encuentre a ti y a tus seres queridos seguros y saludables en este
momento difícil. Hemos recibido noticias del gobernador Ducey de que la reapertura de la escuela para
que los estudiantes asistan en el lugar se permitirá el 17 de agosto lo mas temprano. Estamos planeando
que todos los estudiantes que asisten en persona y Virtualmente comiencen la escuela el 17 de agosto
todos juntos al mismo tiempo.
¿Como sera la inauguración de la escuela? Nuestro objetivo es dar a los estudiantes la experiencia
escolar más normal posible. Las clases están diseñadas para que los estudiantes en sitio y virtuales asistan
juntos al mismo tiempo. Los estudiantes que asistan virtualment podrán ver su clase con Live Streaming.
Nuestro Aula Virtual 2.0 permite a los profesores ver la pantalla de la computadora de los estudiantes en
casa y en persona al mismo tiempo. Los estudiantes podrán hacer preguntas, y serán llamados en persona
o en casa en cualquier momento.
La Instrucción Académica CORE (Lectura, Matemáticas, Ciencias y Estudios Sociales) se entregará a
TODOS los estudiantes de 8:00-11:30am de lunes a jueves con Instrucción Virtual y Horario de
Oficina para los maestros el viernes. Todas las instrucciones CORE serán grabadas, permitiendo a los
estudiantes la oportunidad de ver y revisar la instrucción en cualquier momento. Los estudiantes que
asistan a la escuela en persona tendrán entrenamiento, tutoría, laboratorio STEM, intervención,
enriquecimiento, educación especial y otras clases optativas por la tarde hasta las 3:30 pm. Los
estudiantes que asistan desde casa tendrán servicios de Tutoría, Intervención, Enriquecimiento y
Educación Especial virtualmente. Pueden programar una cita individual con los maestros durante el
horario de oficina para obtener ayuda en cualquier aspecto del aprendizaje virtual.
ORIENTACIÓN JUMP START para estudiantes y padres sobre cómo acceder al Aprendizaje Virtual.
JUMP START se proporcionará a partir de la semana del 10 de agosto. Todas las sesiones se
grabarán y se pondrán a disposición de TODOS los estudiantes y padres. Su hijo/a nunca volverá a faltar
a la clase. Siempre podrán ver y revisar sus instrucciones en cualquier momento. JUMP START cubrirá
todos los programas utilizados en nuestra Aula Virtual 2.0 incluyendo Clever, Go Guardian, Google
Classroom, Adobe Spark, Book Creator y muchos más! Estos programas le darán a su estudiante nuevas
opciones creativas para demostrar su aprendizaje. Las familias también pueden establecer una cita
individual con los maestros para obtener ayuda para establecer el Aula Virtual 2.0 durante el Horario de
La Oficina del Maestro. Todos nuestros profesores de Champion Schools están completando la
certificación de educador de Google durante el verano.

Sincerely / Sinceramente,
Ms. Sawyer MA